How C-Stores Can Minimize the Impacts of Inflation

There are data-driven strategies c-stores can implement to keep sales volumes up and sustain customer loyalty.

June 01, 2022


ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Inflation is impacting every area of convenience retailers’ business, as it climbs to 40-year highs. The consumer is starting to feel the pinch of inflation as well, with more than 8 in 10 U.S. consumers planning to make changes to mitigate their product spending in the next three to six months.

NACS is hosting a free webinar on Thursday, June 9, at 2 p.m. EDT, to discuss how inflation is impacting the consumer. Leaders from NielsenIQ, an information services company, will talk about item price sensitives and how they have impacted the way consumers shop, the enduring effects on shopping patterns if inflationary pressures persist, along with data-driven strategies c-stores can apply today to maintain sales volumes in the face of price pressure and sustain shopper loyalty.

Joining Lori Buss Stillman, NACS director of research, on the webinar is Lorelei Bergin, vice president of retail analytics for NielsenIQ. Bergin is an accomplished practitioner and recognized thought leader on retail and analytic strategy, and she specializes in business intelligence, data monetization and valuation, master data management, data warehouse design and data governance.

Also joining the webinar is Jason Zelinski, client director, and 20-year retail veteran. Zelinski’s work passion is using data to help retailers bring delight to consumers by ensuring the right products and offers are available on shelf, in app and on mind.

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