Electric Vehicles

Convenience stores are the fueling destination for the traveling public and will be in the future as well. As more electric vehicles enter the market, it is time for retailers to explore opportunities to offer charging services to their customers or determine how they can future proof their stores to enable EV charging when the time is right. NACS is your resource to better understand the business of EV charging and to capitalize on opportunities that are right for your business.

NACS Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

To promote the availability of electric vehicle chargers at convenience stores, in 2020 NACS launched the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program. Through this program, NACS has established relationships with organizations interested in supporting the installation of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) at convenience stores. These organizations range from those seeking to install and operate their own equipment at NACS member locations to those seeking to finance the installation or provide technical assistance to facilitate the installation of such equipment or future proofing stores.

If you are interested in learning more about this program and benefiting from these relationships when opportunities in your market are available, please contact NACS Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Liaison Karl Doenges at kdoenges@convenience.org.

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