Electric Vehicles

Convenience stores are the fueling destination for the traveling public and will be in the future as well. As more electric vehicles enter the market, it is time for retailers to explore opportunities to offer charging services to their customers or determine how they can future proof their stores to enable EV charging when the time is right. NACS is your resource to better understand the business of EV charging and to capitalize on opportunities that are right for your business.

We have made the following resources available for our members to prepare for EVs, hosting/owning Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), also referred to as EV chargers, and other changes in mobility.

EV Charging Calculator

The NACS EV Charging Calculator was created to allow retailers to assess the cost and profitability of offering EV chargers at their sites. The calculator focuses on what retailer utility costs associated with EV recharging are and what the corresponding revenue must be to recover those costs after allowing for potential ancillary in-store visits and purchase profitability.

Access the Calculator

NACS Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

Thinking about installing EV Chargers at your site? Let NACS help you figure out the best approach.

Should you install electric vehicle chargers at your site? What kind of chargers are best for your location? Do you hire a maintenance service or maintain the chargers yourself? These are just some of the questions that convenience store owners are asking as they navigate the idea of installing EV chargers.

NACS provides numerous resources to its members to help educate and guide you through the process. For instance, the NACS Match-Making list is a compilation of organizations supporting a wide array of ways to address the installation of electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) at convenience stores. The list includes companies that:

  • Do It For You: fund, install, and operate the EVSE at a NACS member locations.
  • Offer A Helping Hand: for retailers that want to operate their own charging programs but might need technical assistance for installation of EVSE or future proofing stores.

Additionally, NACS has made available the U-Finder tool to

  • Identify local utilities.
  • Provide electric vehicle infrastructure support programs in each of your store zip codes.

Simply insert the potential EV charging site zip code and the U-Finder provides a list of utilities, their point of contact for EV charging and lists any funding or make-ready programs the utility offers.

Sign up for the Match-Making list or the U-Finder tool below to help make it easier to plan your EVSE. The Match-Making list and U-Finder tool will be sent to you, plus you’ll receive updates that include real-time notifications covering EVSE-related items from the Transportation Energy Institute/EV Council, Conexxus, NACS, EVSE Match-Making List, U-Finder tool and other groups in addition to EV site host related news. If you have any questions about the NACS EV programs, please contact Karl Doenges at kdoenges@convenience.org.

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