csx-logo.pngThe Engine Behind the SOI Report

The engine for the NACS State of the Industry Report (SOI) since 2007, CSX is a dynamic, self-reported subscription database serving the Convenience and Petroleum Marketing Industry and its stakeholders.  It provides financial and operational benchmarking services to both retailers and suppliers.  Retail subscribers confidentially provide operational data that is entered into the CSX database allowing them and subscribers to compare their own performance with national, regional or state level averages.  

In addition to using CSX data to generate content for the annual SOI Summit and SOI Report, NACS research staff has access to almost twenty years of industry data and have worked with some of the largest consulting firms, major oil companies, financial institutions and equity partners in the United States to generate documents and strategic plans intended to solve business problems or educate investors that are interested in the convenience industry.

Whether you are a retailer or supplier to the industry, NACS Research and CSX’s mission is to assist industry stakeholders in designing effective strategies to profitably grow market share by using targeted industry benchmark data.

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CSX provides customizable tools for financial and operational analysis and benchmarking to the industry. Subscribers can view their performance in metrics such as sales and margins for fuel and inside categories. Merchandise and foodservice subcategories sales and margin reporting has recently been added. Subscribers can also benchmark expense line items, financial ratios and compare operational measures such as employee productivity, turnover and transaction counts. The data can be viewed through several different filters including:

  • Time—CSX contains historical data from 2001 to the present
  • Firm level—down to store level where applicable
  • Geography—all NACS regions, customizable regions and state level (where available)
  • Chain size—NACS chain size classifications A-E
  • Rankings—Quartile rankings by several metrics
  • Sales & Margin Data—broken down into merchandise and foodservice subcategory

The site allows users view data online or expert to excel. Users can create custom dashboards for reports that are used most often and custom graphs for any collected data line item.