Payment Processing Program

Keep Your Hard-Earned Profits

With an estimated 165 million transactions occurring at a convenience store each day, there’s a good chance your customers are paying with a credit or debit card.

While paying with plastic is easy for customers, the transaction fees that go along with card payments can diminish the results of your hard work. In 2020, 74.6% of all transactions were paid by a credit or debit card, and overall card fees paid by the convenience industry were $10.7 billion, according to NACS State of the Industry data.

Put Money Back Into Your Business
The NACS Payment Processing Program (PPP) is designed to reduce card processing fees for unbranded convenience and fuel retailers. Program participants enjoy reduced fees as a result of processing efficiencies and combining their transactions with NACS members and others in the industry. 

How It Works
To help retailers get the lowest possible transaction cost, NACS partnered with processing company WorldPay. With no hidden fees, percentage rates or complicated statements, NACS PPP offers NACS members a flat 2.9-cent transaction fee after interchange on all card payments. For most small to midsize retailers, this flat fee may be considerably less than other processing firms charge. View our FAQ if you have any questions. 

See the Savings  
For many retailers, transaction and swipe fees can be confusing. To help, NACS offers a free review of your monthly payment statements to show you a comparison of your current charges vs. potential savings with NACS PPP.