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Convenience Corner showcases the dynamic convenience retail environment. Join the conversations on all things retail, NACS and convenience brought to you by industry experts and guests.

We’ve Come a Long Way

The c-store industry has seen a lot of change in nearly two decades, and shows no signs of slowing down.

February 13, 2024   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

Introducing Winter Drive Season

Wherever your customers go, there will 55 million of them on the road this Thanksgiving, and tens of millions more over Christmas and New Year’s.

November 20, 2023   read

By Jeff Lenard


Road Trips for the Win

We took the road trip concept for a test drive, visiting more than 70 convenience stores in multiple states and two countries.

September 6, 2023   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

What’s Making Gas Prices Rise?

From refinery maintenance to seasonal gasoline blends, the reasons why gas prices tend to make a move in the spring is a good opportunity to communicate market conditions with customers.

April 6, 2023   read

By Jeff Lenard

Yes In My Backyard, Please

If you want to learn more about NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard), attend a zoning approval hearing.

February 22, 2023   read

By Jeff Lenard

Why You Should Care About ESG

Because in Washington, what starts out voluntary always has the potential to become regulatory.

November 4, 2022   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

Hide and Seek

Customers should be able to easily find you, and your hiding spot should be terrible.

October 17, 2022   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

Summer Drive Is Here

Costs are high, but so is the desire to hit the road and make memories.

May 24, 2022   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

When Were Gas Prices Low?

Gas prices have surged past $4 a gallon. What caused previous peaks and valleys with prices?

March 7, 2022   read

By Jeff Lenard


Will We See $4 Gas?

NACS cannot predict gas prices, but we can share insights from industry experts on how much consumers could be paying at the pump.

January 17, 2022   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

Who Makes Money Selling Gas?

There is no “average” fuel retailer, so all the costs that go into a gallon of gas vary from station to station.

November 12, 2021   read

By Jeff Lenard


It’s About the People

Sixty years after NACS began, one thing still rings true to today.

August 6, 2021   read

By Chrissy Blasinsky

We Heart Trade Shows

NACS staff looks back on some of their memorable trade show experiences.

May 5, 2021   read

By Chris Blasinsky

Make 4/20 a Green Day

Taking advantage of an existing event can help your sales grow like weeds.

April 14, 2021   read

By Jeff Lenard

Our Crystal Ball for 2021

Whether through weak signals or a steam roller, the convenience retail industry is experiencing unique trends and possibilities.

January 11, 2021   read

By Jeff Lenard