Retailers in the highest tier of gross profit on a per-store basis have consistently higher foodservice sales, NACS SOI data indicate. A robust foodservice offering helps drive trips to the store and can increase basket size. Given the success many retailers have seen from foodservice sales, elevating the profile of the foodservice offering is a top priority for growing the business. Download the latest study from NACS Research on “Enhancing the Foodservice Offer.”

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Retail foodservice operators can earn a Certified Convenience Foodservice Management (CCFM) designation by completing a 10-course online training series which tackles the key aspects of developing and growing a successful foodservice offer.


The Fuels Institute’s Electric Vehicle Council commissioned S&P Global Mobility to model what the demand for EV chargers might look like over the next 10 years in the U.S. The report, “EV Charger Deployment and Optimization,” explores where investments in EV charging infrastructure should be deployed to effectively leverage business and taxpayer dollars, as well as to deliver the greatest value to drivers.

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As we kick off 2023, we're looking at emerging retail and consumer trends and ideas that convenience stores can take advantage of.

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