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More than 30,000 new products enter the market each year, and with innovation representing around 20% of a convenience store’s set, new products are powerful. NACS Cool New Products help you to find new packaging solutions, merchandising displays, technology, product designs and exciting new flavors. We offer several year-round ways to help you discover what’s new—and cool—in the convenience channel.


Seize the Day!

Energizing the morning daypart is top of mind for many convenience retailers as they look to create delicious and engaging ways to attract their breakfast and caffeine-loving customers. From innovative bean-to-cup equipment to on-the-go meal and beverage solutions, our industry is adding excitement to the morning rush. Supercharge your customers’ morning with these products:

  • ADDALL XR 2PK distributed by Capital Sales Company – increase mental focus, improve concentration and increase energy
  • Cinnamon Toast Single Serve Cereal by Catalina Crunch – a keto friendly and low carb breakfast food to start your morning
  • DEFY BOOST + Immunity by DEFY - a lightly caffeinated, low calorie performance drink that provides energy and focus
  • Kodiak Granola Bars by Kodiak - travel-sized granola bars crafted with 100% whole grains and 7g of protein
  • Protein Buttermilk & Maple Flapjack Unleashed Cup by Kodiak – just add water, stir and microwave for a protein-packed breakfast

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