NACS CNP Discovery Center

More than 30,000 new products enter the market each year, and with innovation representing around 20% of a convenience store’s set, new products are powerful. NACS Cool New Products help you to find new packaging solutions, merchandising displays, technology, product designs and exciting new flavors. We offer several year-round ways to help you discover what’s new—and cool—in the convenience channel.


November CNP Box: Resolutions

With half of America shopping in a convenience store each day, think about how many of them are setting a 2023 goal to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Get ready to meet their needs by stocking store shelves and coolers with better-for-you products. Eye-catching displays and merchandising strategies will capture your health-conscious customers at time when they’re looking for their local c-store to help them achieve balance, wellness and—let’s face it, self-will—with better-for-you snacking and beverage options.

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