NACS-NIQ Data Partnership Program

Grow your business and maximize profits with actionable data

NACS and NIQ have joined forces to launch a new Syndicated Data Program for qualifying NACS members, called Byzzer.

This benefit provides convenience retailers and suppliers with access to category trends and data, detailed sales metrics, and historical data to help guide and improve their business planning and investing.

With greater insights from NIQ’s retail analytics, you can confidently know:

  • Which product attributes retail buyers care about most
  • What products will perform well in key categories in your region
  • How to optimize your ROI by picking the most valuable products
  • Which price points will maximize both sales and profits
  • Which promotions are effective in driving sales
  • And more!

The best part? You don't have to sift through millions of data points to get to the good stuff.

NIQ provides actionable reports that explicitly state where you should be focusing and why. They also have a team on standby ready to assist you with pulling valuable reports or understanding where your products fit in the market, the competition you face, the price points you need to hit, and the volume you can expect.

Sign up using the link below to get exclusive NACS member benefits.

For Retailers

You’ll get access to three reports:

  1. the top brands for one (1) category of your choice,
  2. the top items for one (1) category, and
  3. a 52-week trend report of all NIQ tracked categories. 

For Suppliers

You’ll get discounted access to NIQ’s Byzzer platform, a retail data analytics platform that puts the same data big brands are using into the hands of small businesses.