The availability of motor fuels is an essential component of the nation's economy. The convenience store industry is America's primary source for fuel, selling 80% of the gasoline every year. 

As the leading retailer of motor fuels, the convenience store industry has a vested interest in legislation and regulations that affect the production, distribution and ultimate price and supply of motor fuels at the retail level of trade. In addition, convenience stores have a specific responsibility to securely store and dispense motor fuels, a responsibility that is constantly scrutinized by regulators at the federal and state level.

NACS recognizes the unique role of the convenience store retailer within the motor fuels system and represents the industry's interests before Congress and the federal government.

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

With the looming sunset of statutorily mandated blending targets at the end of this year, EPA, Congress and fuels industry stakeholders are all trying to determine what’s the future of the RFS program.