Enhancing the Foodservice Offer

Enhancing-the-Foodservice-Offer_cover.jpgFoodservice expansion has been a focal point for many leading convenience retailers over the last several years. As shown from NACS State of the Industry Benchmarking data, retailers in the highest tier of gross profit on a per store basis have consistently higher foodservice sales. A robust foodservice offering helps drive trips to the store and can increase basket size. Given the success many retailers have seen from foodservice sales, elevating the profile of the foodservice offering is a top priority for growing the business. This study from NACS released in November 2022 explores:

  • Foodservice expansion and barriers to innovation
  • Prepared food option availability and planning
  • Attracting attention to foodservice through experiential programs, subscriptions, & ghost kitchens
  • Operational efficiencies and new technologies

This complimentary report will help you understand the landscape of convenience retail foodservice innovation. The study is best suited for retailers that are exploring how to evolve their foodservice offer and make adjustments to their existing offerings. Foodservice supplier companies will also find this research insightful for identifying where retailers plan to take their foodservice offerings moving forward.

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