Finance & Operations

ADA Compliance Tools
Protect your company from costly litigation and learn how NACS can help you comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and regulations.

EV Charging Calculator
The NACS EV Charging Calculator was created to allow retailers to assess the cost and profitability of offering EV chargers at their sites. The calculator focuses on what retailer utility costs associated with EV recharging are and what the corresponding revenue must be to recover those costs after allowing for potential ancillary in-store visits and purchase profitability.

Good Jobs Strategy
NACS partners with the Good Jobs Institute to bring the Good Jobs Strategy to the convenience store industry. Full commitment to the Good Jobs Strategy requires time and resources, and the businesses that have embarked on this journey say the results are transformational to the bottom line and to their employee and customer experiences.

Payment Processing Program
Credit card payment fees can be a major expense for retailers. The NACS Payment Processing Program offers unbranded retailers a solution that can save their business money.

Store Decals & Signage
From proper alcohol and tobacco signs to a robbery deterrence checklist, it’s important to have an open and clear environment within your stores. See how NACS can help.