Tobacco is a legal product sold responsibly in convenience stores and is a category that is important to the economic viability of the convenience store industry.

In-Store Signage Settlement

Retailers will need to post tobacco health warning signs supplied by Altria, RJ Reynolds and ITG Brands under an agreement the tobacco firms reached with the U.S. Department of Justice.

FDA Final Guidance on Flavored E-Cigarettes

FDA issues guidance banning fruity and mint flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes on the market.

FDA Regulation of Tobacco

In an effort to reduce the incidence of smoking, particularly among minors, and to improve the safety of tobacco products, Congress passed a law giving the Food and Drug Administration regulatory authority over the manufacturing and retailing of tobacco.

FET on Tobacco and Nicotine Products

Legislation in Congress is proposing exorbitant tax increases on tobacco and nicotine products.

Roll-Your-Own Tobacco

The cigarettes produced with pipe tobacco at a lower tax rate put retailers who sell legal products and pay the applicable cigarette taxes at a considerable disadvantage.

Synthetic Nicotine

Synthetic nicotine products are now under FDA’s regulatory authority. Any retailer selling these products must verify that the manufacturers have submitted premarket tobacco applications to FDA or remove the products from shelves by May 14, 2022.

Tobacco 21

Congress raised the minimum age to purchase all tobacco products to 21 years old.