Enhancing the Frontline Employee Experience

Enhancing-Employee-EX_Cover.jpgStore-level staff engagement and improving retention are areas most convenience retailers aim to improve. Several factors impact the employee experience (EX), including monetary and non-monetary influences. Among non-financial factors, the shopper experience can play an important role in enhancing EX. To evaluate how various factors impact EX, NACS conducted the Employee Experience Diagnostic in 2022 to understand frontline staff perspective of their role and what impacts engagement. This complimentary study released in March 2022 explores:

  • Store staff perspective of the shopping experience
  • Factors that influence the frontline store employee experience
  • How store employee tenure affects EX
  • The most important “levers” for influencing EX

The report will help you understand opportunities for improving EX and what factors have the most impact on employee engagement and motivation. This study is best suited for retailers looking to understand how frontline staff are motivated by the shopping experience, where retailers should focus efforts to elevate the employee experience, and what aspects of EX are most likely to create an environment that keeps staff.

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