Swipe Fees

NACS is actively engaged with issues and legislation regarding outrageous interchange fees (also known as "swipe fees") and unfair credit card operating rules.


NACS is working to help Congress and the administration understand the important role of convenience stores in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Electric Vehicles

With the White House, Congress and many states rushing to electrify the transportation system, policymakers continue to push for increased incentives for EVs and charging infrastructure.


An estimated 80% of the gasoline purchased in the United States occurs at a local convenience store.​

Data Security & Privacy

The threat of cyber theft and data breaches can affect business and all consumers. In response to highly publicized breaches, Congress is working on data breach legislation.

Labor and Healthcare

NACS is working with congressional leaders on labor and healthcare issues so retailers can control their costs and not have to make the choice between offering benefits and hiring new employees.

Payments Security & Innovation

In the convenience industry, a major threat is credit card fraud and theft. Legislation involving data breach notification and data standards impacts retailers who pay for most of the fraud that occurs on payment cards today.

Menu Labeling

Providing consumers with the nutrition information they want can be a positive development, but it must allow for sufficient flexibility to allow diverse types of businesses to comply.

Online Gaming

Lottery sales are best served in brick and mortar retailers. NACS supports the Department of Justice decision to revert back to its long-held precedent.

Make Your Voice Heard

The NACS grassroots website​ is your first stop in taking action for your business and your industry. From the site, you can learn more about your members of Congress and access ready-to-send, issue-specific letters to send to them on key industry issues.

Take the First Step
Rest Area Commercialization

Despite defeating repeated efforts to overturn the prohibition of commercial services, including EV charging, at Interstate rest areas, some policymakers continue to push for removing the ban or exempting certain commercial activities from this policy.


As Congress considers comprehensive tax reform legislation, NACS will help ensure that policymakers recognize the various tax provisions that retailers use to create jobs and help reduce the costs of goods.


Tobacco products are among the most regulated products that convenience stores sell.

COVID-19 Liability

Essential businesses faced the threat of unfounded lawsuits related to COVID-19. 

Compliance Resource Center

NACS reviews proposed and new regulatory requirements. Here are some of the issues we have been engaged with:

  • Menu Labeling
  • Fuels Retailing
  • Health Care
  • Labor
  • PCI Compliance
  • SNAP
  • Tobacco Products
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