Vroom Partners With Trustly to Enable Open Banking Payments

Allowing customers to pay directly lowers swipe fees and reduces chargebacks.

January 26, 2022

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CHICAGO—Vroom Delivery said it has partnered with Swedish fintech company Trustly to allow its customers to pay directly with their bank accounts when ordering online, a move that will more than halve the average processing fees typically paid to credit card networks.

When customers check out on the Vroom platform, they will now have the option to pay directly with their bank account without needing bank account or routing numbers. Customers log in to their online bank account via Trustly’s secure interface—not sharing any bank credentials directly with Vroom—and complete the transaction. There is no need to download a Trustly app or create an account with Trustly.

“Furthermore, in addition to dramatically lowering transaction fees typically paid by stores when utilizing credit card networks, Trustly also reduces chargebacks due to their sophisticated fraud prevention technology, dramatically lowering the risk for both retailers and consumers,” writes Vroom in the news release.

“We are always looking for ways to provide value to stores on the Vroom platform” said John Nelson, CEO of Vroom Delivery. “We believe this partnership will benefit retailers utilizing Vroom not only by lowering transaction costs but also reducing risk of fraud. We are looking forward to rolling this feature out across our entire network of stores.”

For a limited time, Trustly will also be co-funding a campaign offering Vroom customers up to $5 cash back on their orders to use Trustly when checking out to speed up adoption.

In the U.S., credit card swipe fees remain one of the highest operating costs for convenience store retailers after labor, according to NACS State of the Industry data. Consumer preferences for more touch-free transactions and the coin circulation challenge in summer 2020 led to record debit and credit card usage at convenience stores. In 2020, 74.6% of all transactions were paid by plastic, and overall card fees paid by the convenience store industry were $10.7 billion, NACS SOI data indicate.

Last fall, Vroom announced it has partnered with Skipcart to allow convenience stores to automatically route orders between multiple third-party delivery services on an order-by-order basis based on cost, speed and serviceability. Vroom also partners with Doordash Drive and robot delivery service Tortoise. The delivery process remains self-contained within a retailers’ proprietary apps and websites. Stores retain access to their customer data, automate their pricebook maintenance through Vroom’s back-office integrations and have direct communication with their customers.