Discover the Leaders in Your Company

Companies of all sizes need leaders who can manage people, execute ideas and keep the core functions of a business running smoothly. Having the right person in a managerial position is essential to the success of your business. That’s why we’ve introduced an all-new product to help you place the right candidates in these critical roles.

Specifically designed for the convenience and fuel retailing industry, LeadAbility is an effective and proven test to administer amongst your current employees and external applicants that helps you select the right store managerial candidates. It measures the behavioral competencies such as situational judgment and initiative along with characteristics that have been proven to best differentiate between successful management team members and those who will struggle in the role.

Available in an easy-to-use online platform, LeadAbility helps you build a successful managerial team so you can continue to grow your business.

Learn more and get started today by contacting Doug Spencer at (703) 518 – 4293.