Uber Eats Debuts C-Store Delivery Offer During Super Bowl

Uber “Don’t Eats” features grocery and non-food items, plus the firm launched a Valentine’s Day order hub.

February 14, 2022

Uber Don’t Eats Promos

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Uber Eats used a Super Bowl commercial megaphone to announce it is now offering Uber “Don’t Eats,” which include convenience store goods and sundries, according to Uber.

The company said in a news release that “you can get anything delivered with Uber Eats,” and that it has “invested heavily in our new verticals business and expanded selection tremendously.” Uber Eats now offers grocery, alcohol, convenience, flowers, retail and more, and it says that nearly three million consumers order essentials beyond food each month through Uber Eats.

Last week, the company teased the Super Bowl commercial, and launched the “Big Game Goods” hub nationwide in the Uber Eats app, where customers were able to get “anything” they needed for their Super Bowl celebrations. It also launched a Valentine’s Day hub in the app, where customers can snag up to $20 off “V-Day Eats” and “Don’t Eats” like flowers, chocolates, candles and bath bombs.

The Super Bowl commercial caused a stir on Twitter. The commercial features big-name stars like Trevor Noah and Gwyneth Paltrow biting into Uber Eats orders containing inedible items. Some viewers loved that commercial, saying it was their favorite commercial, and some people pegged the commercial as immature humor.

DoorDash ran a similar commercial last Super Bowl with celebrities, according to Business Insider, to show off the company's consumer marketplace offerings.