More Flying Delivery Drones: Amazon Prime Air Expands

The delivery system will debut in a third U.S. city and Europe.

October 23, 2023

Amazon announced that its drone delivery system, Prime Air, will be expanding into a third U.S. city as well as enter international airspace in the United Kingdom and Italy by late 2024. The specific cities in the United States and abroad have yet to be announced.

Once the service is available, eligible Amazon customers can opt in to drone delivery and choose from thousands of items that weigh five pounds or less, including household products, everyday essentials, beauty items and office supplies.

Amazon also announced that drone deliveries will no longer only take place out of stand-alone Prime Air Delivery Centers. Some Same-Day Delivery sites, which are essentially smaller versions of Amazon fulfillment centers, will offer drone delivery in the United States.

With the expansion announcement, Amazon also announced its newest drone model for deliveries. The new design, MK30, can fly twice as far as previous Prime Air drone models, allowing drone deliveries to customers who live farther out from fulfillment networks. The MK30 can fly in more diverse weather conditions as well, allowing for deliveries in light rain and hotter and colder temperatures.

In other Amazon news, the company is currently facing a lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states, alleging that the online retailer illegally wields monopoly power, keeping prices artificially high, locks sellers into its platform and harms its rivals.

Through the suit, the FTC is seeking a court order to prohibit Amazon “from engaging in its unlawful conduct” and “pry loose” the company’s monopoly to restore competition.