Tennessee Newspaper Ranks Buc-ee’s Billboards

The newspaper lists 24 of the “smartest and funniest” billboards for the new year.

January 08, 2024

In 2006, Buc-ee’s teamed up with Houston advertising firm Stan and Lou to develop a highway marketing strategy, reported the Knoxville News. The centerpiece of the marketing strategy has been billboards that play on hip-hop classics, other ad campaigns and the use of “potty humor” as Buc-ee’s markets its expansive bathrooms.

The Knoxville News recently took the time to rank various Buc-ee’s billboards. For 2024, the newspaper listed the 24 billboards from the convenience retailer that it called the “smartest and funniest.”

One of the billboards that the article highlighted was a sign in Daytona Beach, Florida, from 2020. The billboard said “Beavers At Work” and was located next to the construction of a Buc-ee’s store.

Other billboards from the convenience retailer were recognized for their use of lyrics, including one billboard that said, “I like Big Buc-ee’s And I Cannot Lie,” playing off the popular Sir Mix-a-Lot song from 1992, “Baby Got Back.” Another highway advertisement changed the lyrics from Lionel Ritchie’s 1983 song “Hello,” with the sign stating “Hello … Is It The Beaver You’re Looking For?”

The article pointed out a couple of billboards that highlight the c-store’s bathrooms. This includes a sign that said, “Got Porcelain?” which plays off the well-known “Got Milk?” ad campaign. Another board that made the Knoxville News’ list was “Restrooms That Make Mom Smile.”

In November, Buc-ee’s announced that it partnered with Mercedes-Benz HPC North America in a strategic agreement to build charging hubs at most Buc-ee’s travel centers, NACS Daily reported. The agreement will start with about 30 charging hubs by the end of 2024.