Driving Engagement From Convenience Retail Loyalty Programs

Driving-Engagement_cover.jpgConvenience retail loyalty programs have steadily expanded across the last several years with a focus on providing customers with discounts, promotions, and rewards. While these benefits are highly valued by loyalty members, most loyalty programs offer comparable monetary benefits to shoppers. This results in many loyalty programs becoming commoditized from a customer’s perspective. Building engagement with shoppers through the loyalty program requires more than transactional benefits. Convenience retailers have an opportunity to improve engagement with loyalty members by evolving their offer.

This FREE report will help you understand how to build loyalty program affinity beyond rewards and provides insight on: 

  • Convenience loyalty program membership and competition
  • Shopper expectations of convenience loyalty programs
  • How loyalty program members engage
  • Shopper perspectives on personalization
  • Loyalty program access and communication with members 

Published in September 2022, this free report is best suited for retailers exploring the addition of a loyalty program, those considering changes to their existing loyalty program, or any retailers looking to build more engagement with shoppers. This study is also relevant for retailers & providers interested in shopper perspective on convenience retail loyalty programs.

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