NACS Convenience Retail Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the NACS Convenience Retail Awards?
The NACS Convenience Retail Awards recognize and promote convenience retailing excellence and provides retailers with the opportunity to showcase their innovation and creativity to the global retailing community.

Who can enter the NACS Convenience Retail Awards?
Convenience and fuel retailers from the award regions may submit entries. Supplier partners and advertising, design and PR agencies are welcome to submit entries on behalf of their retail partners, but they must have the approval of the retailer for which they provide services.

What are the award regions?
In 2023, NACS will offer Convenience Retail Awards in Asia-Pacific and Europe. 

  • Asia-Pacific includes the continent and islands of Asia, including India, New Zealand and Australia. 
  • Europe region includes all of eastern and western Europe, the Nordics and mid-east.

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Closes 01 May, 2023

What are the award categories?
Convenience and fuel retailers can showcase their innovation and leadership in four prestigious award categories:

  • Convenience Retailer of the Year – Our global recognition honors the most innovative and successful convenience and petroleum retail store of the year. The winner earns the accolade of “the best convenience store in their region” This award honors flagship stores that break new ground and set new innovative standards for the industry. All-sized businesses can enter, and entries can refer to broader initiatives or format roll-outs in a wider business. Successful entries will focus on one particular store as the central showpiece.
    • Who will win: The nominated company who best demonstrates the success of a specific retail location from their portfolio. Entries will be scored across the areas of overall format innovation, technology installation, diverse products/offers, people development, customer service, overall performance and relevance.

  • Convenience Industry Leader of the Year – Industry progress is not only driven by innovative companies, but by the energies, determination and inspiration of the individuals who lead them. This award recognizes and honors the contribution of the most successful and influential convenience industry leader of past year.
    • Who will win: The nominated individual who best personified excellence, dedication, and influence in the convenience retail community from the past year.

  • Convenience Retail Sustainability Award – This award recognizes a retail company that has pursued a significant and compelling sustainability initiative that creates positive social, environmental, and/or economic outcomes that produce lasting value for customers, employees and our industry.
    • Who will win: The nominated company who best demonstrates their sustainability strategy, innovation, and impact.

  • Convenience Retail Technology Award – This award recognizes a convenience or fuel retail brand that has made far-sighted, long-term investments in technology innovation to achieve operational efficiencies and/or improve the customer experience. The technology innovation must have a proven business growth model and sustained, repeatable results. The solution cannot be a working prototype.  
    • Who will win: The nominated company who best demonstrates their technology innovation, implementation strategy, and impact on the retail experience for customers and/or employees.

Award submission forms are now open.

Enter for Europe
Closes 01 May, 2023

Are there any fees for entering?
There are no fees to enter the NACS Convenience Retail Awards.

What are the important dates for the awards program?

Region Presented in Entry’s Open Entry’s Close Winner Announced!
Asia-Pacific Bangkok, Thailand 01 October, 2022 15 January, 2023 01 March, 2023
Europe Dublin, Ireland 01 October, 2022 01 May, 2023 31 May, 2023

What are the entry requirements?

Award On Site Contact/Nominee Company Logo Description of success in award area Powerpoint overview of solution or success High res photos of nominee or solution 2-5 Minute video of nominated store
Retailer of the Year
Industry Leader of the Year Optional Optional Optional
Retail Sustainability Award Optional Optional
Retail Technology Award Optional Optional

Who are the judges?
Each year, the International Grand Jury is comprised of the NACS relationship partners, a global cohort comprised of leading convenience retail consultants, business, industry, and subject matter experts.

How are award winners selected?
Convenience retailers, their suppliers or their customers are invited to nominate convenience retailers that are pursuing noteworthy and meaningful business initiatives. In each confidential submission, the advocating organization should share a proven business case. The judges use a rubric consisting of the criterion below to evaluate all submissions and select an award winner from each award category.

Technology & Sustainability Awards will be scored on:

  • Leadership and management of the initiative
  • Customer engagement with the solution
  • Impact of the initiative on organizational performance, financial performance or the customer experience
  • Degree of creativity, uniqueness and innovation exemplified by the initiative 

Retailer of the Year will be scored on demonstrated excellence in:

  • Format Innovation
  • Technology/loyalty/payments
  • Product Range
  • People Development (HR)
  • Customer Service Initiatives
  • Results/Performance
  • General Impression & Relevance

Industry Leader of the Year will be determined by:

  • Impact the individual has had on organizational performance, financial profitability, and the customer experience
  • Influence the individual has had on improving the convenience retailing industry overall
  • Demonstrated commitment to their community

What tips should I keep in mind for developing a “winning” awards entry?

  • While fun, the submission development process can take time to complete. So, begin early. You will need to collect and provide photos and evidence that will make your submission standout from the competition.
  • Keep in mind that only complete submissions will be judged.
  • Prototypes will not be accepted.  
  • Your submission must demonstrate results of the store, innovation, or initiative – it’s best to have at least one year’s worth of data to support your entry.
  • Your submission will be judged against the entire region, not just your country or locality. Keep in mind what neighboring countries may be excelling in already and demonstrate how you’re leading the region overall.

There are other industry award programs, why should we enter the NACS Convenience Retail Awards? What are the benefits?
The NACS Convenience Retail Awards program is recognized by your peers and partners across the globe for its prominence and selectiveness. An award win heightens your credibility as an industry leader and elevates your brand’s profile as an innovative trailblazer.

Whether you win or are one of our esteemed participants, you will receive unparalleled global exposure and visibility through trade, national and international media coverage. Winners will receive:

  • Recognition in NACS and Insight Research social, print and digital publications, which collectively reach an audience of 50,000+ global retailers, and various industry trade publications to extend the news even further.
  • International press release announcing all award winners.
  • Recognition in the International Club at the NACS Show.
  • And most importantly, celebrating your victory with global retailers, suppliers and colleagues at the NACS Convenience Summit events!

Enter for Europe
Closes 01 May, 2023