Gotcha! The Convenience Industry Has Fun on April Fool’s Day

The c-store industry shows its sense of humor.

April 02, 2024

Convenience retailers and even some associations joined in on the fun of April Fool’s Day.

Brands across the nation boosted the day’s humor on social media and other outlets, giving folks something to laugh about on a Monday.

Here’s a sampling of the fun:

7-Eleven took an early lead with its announcement of hot dog sparkling water in late March, and shared this update yesterday: “April Fools! We admit that we created a limited supply of 7-Select Big Bite Hot Dog Sparkling Water as a joke, but it sounds like there might be more people out there than we anticipated who want to see our Big Bite Hot Dogs as a beverage.” Coen Markets had a similar idea, offering chicken tender mouthwash.

Pilot/Flying J announced the brand's first signature fragrance with the launch of Diesel Fuel, an eau de parfum. “Each spritz captures the unmistakable aroma of diesel fuel, a smell beloved by connoisseurs of heavy-duty trucks, fast cars and recreational vehicles,” the retailer said. “Diesel Fuel eau de parfum embodies the sweet, yet potent fumes of benzene and is formulated for all-day wear.”

Cumberland Farms shared it was getting back to its roots, stating that “starting today, we’ll be converting all Cumberland Farms locations to actual farms, complete with raw milk for your coffee, fresh pulled pork sandwiches and tractor parking in the back.”

Maverik took one small step to share its latest grand opening: “We are thrilled to announce that Maverik is now open for business on the MOON! 🌙”

Sheetz announced it had “officially opened our LAST new store ever,” with a link to learn more about how the decision was made.

Kwik Trip’s social media reels showed an announcement from Greg Marcus, president and CEO of Marcus Corp. and its subsidiary, Marcus Theaters, inviting Kwik Trip customers to not only enjoy short ads on GSTV screens but also a full uncut screening of “Titanic.”

Weigel’s announced it was adding a new sponsorship, pickleball player Danny “Big Dill” Dillingham.

Stewart’s Shops is selling tickets to the hottest event of the spring: The solar eclipse.

And in good news for lefties, Holiday is offering a left-handed coffee cup.

Finally, NACS Daily also joined in on the fun, announcing that wrestling superstar John Cena challenged NACS CEO and President Henry Armour to a match in the ring.