7-Eleven Kicks Off ‘Slurpee Season’

The retailer announced the return of its Bring Your Own Cup Day.

April 02, 2024

7-Eleven announced that it is kicking off the Slurpee season by inviting customers to celebrate in style with the return of the retailer’s annual Bring Your Own Cup Day on Saturday, April 13. For one day only, 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes customers can grab a vessel of their choosing and fill it with the frozen beverage for $1.99.

According to the company, Slurpee drink fans are encouraged to bring their motorcycle helmets, fish bowls, or milk cartons to their local store to fill with the season's limited-time-only flavors, like chili mango and Fanta dragonfruit zero, or classic fan favorite flavors including Coca-Cola, cherry, blue raspberry, and pina colada.

“BYOC Day is a time-honored tradition at 7-Eleven that we look forward to each year,” said Dennis Phelps, senior vice president at 7-Eleven. “We love seeing our customers—of all ages—bring their imagination and creativity to life while enjoying our beloved Slurpee drink.”

7-Eleven stated in its press release that customers should ensure their chosen cup is clean, watertight, leak-proof, and fits upright within the 10-inch hole in the in-store display, which will indicate that it can fit under the Slurpee drink dispenser.

For those who prefer the classic 7-Eleven cups, the retailer noted that 7Rewards and Speedy Rewards loyalty members can snag a large Slurpee drink for $1.

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