Upside Unveils New Brand Identity and Mission Statement

The changes include mobile payment options and a refreshed logo.

September 15, 2023

Upside, a cash-back rewards app, has announced a series of product and brand identity changes intended to enhance food retailer and user experiences. These changes include a refreshed logo, updated mission statement, a new website and product features such as mobile payment options.

The mobile payment option will launch to all Upside users and additional leading food retailers in the coming weeks. This new payment option offers advantages for both users and retailers. Users enjoy a seamless, secure mobile payment process and a quicker cashback experience, leading to increased satisfaction. These enhancements drive improved user engagement and retention, providing retailers with more opportunities to earn incremental profit.

"We were thrilled that Upside is improving users’ experience," Greta Dvorak, co-owner of Dunn Brothers Coffee in Arden Hills, Minnesota, shared. "Upside has already contributed to the growth of my business, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the impact mobile payments will bring."

The company’s new mission statement declares “We exist to advance the economic power of people living and working in the real world.”

“While our core remains unchanged, our company's product evolution and rebranding signify the strides we are taking in this new phase of growth and our unwavering dedication to delivering enhanced value with even greater speed," said Alex Kinnier, Upside co-founder and CEO. “Because when Upside finds and delivers the lost value between buyer and seller, each gets more and we create more value for the entire ecosystem.”

In a statement on LinkedIn, Kinnier elaborated on current and future plans for the app, from driving more value per transaction and on-app to developing the app experience in-store.