Maverik Celebrates National Cookie Day

Customers can enjoy a new stuffed cookie flavor in addition to national day deals.

November 28, 2023

In honor of National Cookie Day on December 4, Maverik is releasing a new stuffed cookie for the season. 

The “stuffed mint cookie” will be available across Maverik’s more than 400 stores in 12 states this holiday season. According to a company press release, the new arrival is a chocolate cookie with a mint fondant filling.

The stuffed mint cookie continues Maverik’s introduction of its stuffed s’mores cookie this past summer.

“Maverik fans love our stuffed cookies and presenting a traditional seasonal flavor combination in a new and creative way is really fun for Cookie Day!” said Kyle Lore, Maverik’s corporate research and development chef. “We’re continually innovating our fresh-baked treats, and our stuffed cookies will be a staple accompanying other recipes featuring real butter, cane sugar and other high-quality ingredients.”  

In addition to the new cookie flavor, Maverik is offering its loyalty members deals on all its cookies. Adventure club members will get 50% off one cookie, while Nitro card members will receive one free cookie on National Cookie Day.

National day deals have become increasingly popular at c-stores as the promotions are effective in driving guest visits and creating novel interactions with customers. “National ‘holidays’ provide marketing and merchandising teams with easy tools to capitalize on,” explained Hayley Thrift, director of marketing and advertising at Spinx, noting that Spinx starts planning its National Fried Chicken Day programming six months in advance. “They’re fun holidays and consumers want to participate. So why not join in?”

Read more about the holiday craze in the July 2023 issue of NACS Magazine.