Kwik Trip Installs Self-Checkout at New Locations

The retailer’s new c-stores will feature two self-checkout stations.

November 28, 2023

Wisconsin-based Kwik Trip will be installing self-checkout stations in its new locations, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

All new Kwik Trip locations have been or will be equipped with two self-checkout stations. This includes stores that have been built as recently as the last six months, as well as the 25-30 stores that are currently under construction and expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

As of now, the convenience retailer does not plan to install the self-checkout stations in already existing stores. 

"The reason we're doing this is just for the convenience factor," said Ben Leibl, Kwik Trip public relations specialist. "We're not replacing anyone's jobs. We're still hiring the same amount of coworkers for our newer stores."

"We understand that our guests want to be in and out of our stores as quickly as possible; not everyone wants human interaction ... ," Leibl continued. "If there's a longer line, people have the option to go to the self-checkout, complete their transaction and get on with their day."

New stores throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota are already using the new systems, Leibl noted. He said that no significant issues with the self-checkout systems have been reported to Kwik Trip.

Another self-checkout adoption came from Refuel earlier this year. NACS Daily reported in August that the South Carolina-based convenience retailer is adding 15 Mashgin touchless self-checkout kiosks at 10 locations.

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