Dollar Tree Pulls Eggs From Shelves

With prices rising, the staple no longer matches with the retailer’s business model.

March 16, 2023

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Dollar Tree Inc. has stopped selling eggs in its Dollar Tree stores, a spokesperson for the U.S. retailer confirmed late Tuesday, as the staple food has skyrocketed in price due to avian flu, Reuters reports.

The retailer expects to eventually bring back eggs, potentially this fall.“The chain, which is increasingly a go-to grocery destination for cash strapped shoppers, has roughly 8,000 Dollar Tree stores across the United States and Canada,” per Reuters. It made the decision to pull eggs in advance of the upcoming Easter holiday, which marks an uptick in egg sales.

Egg prices in some states have doubled year over year, with Midwestern states like Iowa and South Dakota hit the hardest.

According to Instacart, in December 2022 Floridians paid $6.36 on average for a dozen eggs, the highest price in the United States, excluding Hawaii.

Dollar Tree has posted strong financial results despite falling traffic due to price increases, with $3 and $5 items now featured. More frozen and refrigerated items are carrying the higher price tag, including pre-made foods like pizza and ice cream, Supermarket News reports.

Although egg prices have fallen from their December peak, full recovery from avian flu is still in the future. Almost 60 million chickens were culled or died due to the current outbreak. Egg producers have to rebuild their flocks with chicks, which then must mature over a period of four to five months before they begin to lay.