How to Get More From Your Digital Screen Investment

Get time and mental energy back by using metadata tagging in your digital signage strategy.

June 15, 2023

This article is brought to you by Abierto.

Abierto-logo.pngALEXANDRIA, Va.—You’ve made the investment in digital signage at your stores, and it is working—just not as well as it could.

“Content isn't cheap, displays aren't cheap,” said Rick Sales, president of Abierto, a digital and engagement solutions company. “Once you've paid for it, it should work the way that you want it to so that you can achieve your goals.”

Abierto’s OPEN.CMS is purpose-built to use metadata tagging, which lets retailers get the most from their digital screen investment. Each screen that a retailer possesses is identified with specific information or “tags.” Upon upload, content also receives the appropriate tags, linking display and content based on a variety of user configurable criterion like daypart, store group, food program, etc.

For example, a retailer may have some stores with a beer cave and some without. Through OPEN.CMS, content can be metadata tagged to be displayed only in the stores with beer caves. This content is scheduled automatically, avoiding any additional effort while also ensuring accuracy. Metadata tagging can even work at the screen level—if a retailer wants beer cave promotions to run only on the screen nearest to the beer cave, that can be automated, too.

“We're bringing metadata tagging to a convenience-focused content distribution platform that is purpose-built to advertise food, to run menus, to run kiosks, to run all of the signage within a location,” said Sales. “One interface can control every screen at your location, with real-time device status, content previews and playback verification”.

According to Sales, many retailers are paying a ton of money to designer firms or their own in-house designers to create content, but these employees are wasting a tremendous amount of time uploading the content to screens. “Metadata tagging allows creative people to be creative,” he said.

“Enable them to design compelling campaigns that aren't limited by their current technology,” said Sales. “It’s all about getting the most from your investment and making sure that your signage program is just as great or better than your competitors’.”

Abierto’s OPEN.CMS is a cloud-based content distribution and device management tool for convenience retailers designed to be both flexible and easy to use with an array of features that can be customized to fit any network of stores. Learn more about Abierto’s OPEN.CMS.