College Students Want Warm and Convenient Comfort Food

Grubhub released the top foods that college students ordered in 2022, and burritos took the No. 1 spot.

June 15, 2023

CHICAGO—Grubhub Campus has revealed dining trends from its more than 270 partnered colleges. The report, “‘22 – ‘23 Delivered: Campus Edition,” shows that college students craved warm, convenient comfort food.

Burritos were devoured as the No. 1 order among college students—aligned with Grubhub’s national findings for the top food in 2022. This fan favorite proved to be versatile as it was a top selection at breakfast with sausage and as a bowl at lunchtime. Coming in as the second most ordered food by college students was a cheeseburger, and No. 3 was a chicken quesadilla. The most popular day and time to order was Tuesday at lunch time.

The report found that the top convenience store items were macaroni and cheese, ice cream and steak and cheese taquitos. Additionally, when it comes to coffee orders, the top three ordered were iced: cold brew, vanilla iced coffee and Frappuccino.

The top breakfast, lunch and dinner orders were:


  • Donut
  • Sausage burrito
  • Bacon, egg and cheese bagel


  • Burrito bowl
  • Mac and cheese
  • Spicy chicken sandwich


  • Pad Thai
  • Boneless wings
  • Miso soup

Grubhub also found that the top three most popular late-night add-ons were all hot sauces: fire sauce, hot sauce and mild sauce.

While burritos, burgers and quesadillas were the most popular orders across all campuses, three schools notably preferred a traditionally healthier fare: University of South Carolina, Columbia, University of Delaware and Auburn University.

Also, Grubhub found that California Polytechnic State University, North Carolina State University and Colorado State University were the top three schools for the most pizza orders.

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