Is Your Signage Letting You Down?

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your digital signage, but is it working as well as it could?

June 13, 2023

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Abierto-logo.pngALEXANDRIA, Va.—You already know that digital signage is a highly successful tool to advertise your promotions, market products and build a stronger brand, and it’s working … but is it working as effectively as it could while also making your job easier?

According to Rick Sales, president of Abierto, a digital and engagement solutions company, many convenience stores with digital signage are only displaying two to three pieces of content on their screens in each location, and a large amount of stores are not using their screens to advertise according to daypart, the marketing strategy of splitting content up throughout the day based on customers’ needs at that time of day.

C-stores are also having trouble verifying that the right piece of content is playing on the screens at the right time. Some retailers must physically go to their locations to see what’s playing on the screens.

“These are unfortunately incredibly common tasks retailers are performing, but they shouldn’t have to,” said Sales. “Because the technology exists to maximize their content strategy while minimizing their workload.”

As industry standards evolve, c-store retailers need to keep pace with the competition across the street. In order to do this, Sales says retailers need digital signage that takes full advantage of dayparts, is easy to update and is completely reliable.

“Retailers should be asking themselves, ‘What’s my content plan, and how am I going to implement it as quickly and efficiently as possible?’” Sales said.

Abierto’s OPEN.CMS allows retailers to automatically distribute digital content using metadata tagging; content can then be attributed to multiple dayparts, customized across different groups and tracked via a reporting system. The upload is intuitive and easy, and the system can handle bulk files.

“Retailers are spending an insane amount of time simply getting their content from their computer to the screen,” said Sales. “OPEN.CMS addresses this issue through a combination of metadata tagging, automated scheduling and bulk uploads. What used to take days now takes minutes.”

Find out how Abierto’s OPEN.CMS gives retailers the most for their digital screen investment and integrates c-store-built features in the next installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on how convenience retailers can maximize their digital signage programs.

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