McDonald’s Sends the McRib on a ‘Farewell Tour’

The fast-food chain is teasing the end of the iconic sandwich, as restaurants experiment with promotions to entice more visits.

October 25, 2022

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—McDonald’s is reintroducing its McRib menu item for a limited time from October 31 through November 20, reports USA Today.

The iconic sandwich has been brought back by the fast-food chain intermittently since it was taken off the menu in 2005, but this year, McDonald’s is teasing this could be the last year for a comeback. The chain says the McRib is going on a “Farewell Tour.”

“Like any true farewell tour, we’re hoping this isn’t a ‘goodbye’ but a ‘see you later.’ Because as our McRib stans have experienced time and time again: you never know when—or if—the McRib is coming back,” said McDonald’s in a press release.

In honor of the “Farewell Tour,” the fast-food chain is releasing custom merchandise, including limited-edition, throwback-inspired art, clothing and memorabilia that features the McRib throughout the decades. The McRib merchandise will be available beginning November 4 at 11 a.m. EST on

Responses from McRib fans on social media ranging from cynical: “If you believe this ‘Farewell Tour’ is actually the end of McRib, I have a Mexican Pizza and a Wingstop Chicken Sandwich and Brooklyn Bridge to sell you,” to outrage: “Waiting for my first McRib of the year... being advertised as the ‘farewell tour.’ Don't mess with my emotions like this @McDonalds.”

According to CNBC, consumers are frequenting restaurants less as inflation impacts their budgets, so restaurants have been experimenting with promotions and new menu items to get people back through their doors.

McDonald’s announced last week it will sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts at nine locations in Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding area starting October 26 for a limited time as part of a test. The doughnuts will be available all day, in-restaurant and drive-thru only, at participating test locations while supplies last. Customers can order them individually or a six-pack of the Original Glazed or a variety of flavors. The doughnuts will be delivered fresh daily to the restaurants.

In July, McDonald’s said that lower-income consumers are spending less at its restaurants and trading down to cheaper items. The chain increased menu item prices in the high single digits earlier this year, yet consumers continue to see McDonald’s as a value leader. That value perception by consumers is likely to grow as the fast-food chain expands its digital business, including its MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, which was launched nationally last year. McDonald’s reported that digital sales in the company’s top six markets exceeded $6 billion, or about one-third of total systemwide sales.