C-Stores Capture More Midwest Consumables Trips

New research also finds that McDonald’s overtook Dunkin’ in QSR trips.

November 22, 2022

CHICAGO—Convenience stores capture more consumables trips in the Midwest, according to Numerator’s regional retail dashboard, which looks at omnichannel purchase and promotional trends across the four U.S. census regions. The top c-stores capture 12% of consumables trips in the Midwest— a 1.2-point increase from the prior period.

Walmart and Amazon.com are the top two performing retailers by percentage of regional trips, but the third top performing retailer varies by region, with c-stores taking the third slot in two regions: Kwik Trip in the Midwest (5.5%) and 7-Eleven in the West (6.1%). In the Northeast, CVS takes the third spot (3.9% of regional trips), and Publix is the third top performing retailer for trips in the South (5.3%).

According to the dashboard, Walmart captured considerable consumables omnichannel market share in all regions: 13.5% of share in the Northeast, 20.5% in the Midwest, 23.1% in the South and 14.2% in the West. However, Walmart's market share in the West and Midwest regions decreased versus the prior time period (last 52 weeks ended May 22, 2022), while the Northeast and South saw share increases.

According to Numerator, McDonald’s is the top performing QSR by percentage of regional trips in all regions, even in the Northeast, where it captured 29.8% of trips compared to the previous top QSR, Dunkin’, which dropped to 26.4%. The QSR landscape is becoming more competitive in the South. After McDonald’s (29.3%), Chick-fil-A (6.6%), Wendy’s (5.9%) and Sonic (5.9%) best engage Southern shoppers for QSR trips.

Also, Western shoppers are most likely to say they enjoy online shopping, with 21% of shoppers considering it “very enjoyable.” They are also the most likely to eat out 6+ times a week, with 4.8% reporting dining out that frequently.

Other purchasing trends from Numerator include Amazon capturing its greatest share of consumables omnichannel market share in the Northeast with 5.7%. Also, Sam’s Club performs best in the Midwest, capturing 5.3% of Midwestern consumables spend. Walgreens has the largest share of promotional voice in all U.S. regions: 10.8% in the Northeast, 13.6% in the Midwest, 15.6% in the South and 14.3% in the West.