87% of Consumers Plan to Celebrate Independence Day

Almost half of consumers will buy alcoholic beverages for the holiday, with beer topping the list.

June 23, 2023

Eighty-seven percent of consumers plan to celebrate the Fourth of July this year, up from 84% in 2022. Independence Day sees more celebrators than Memorial Day (75%). The top celebration plan is watching fireworks (60%), followed by grilling/barbecuing (58%) and attending or hosting a gathering/party (46%).

Almost half of consumers (47%) will buy alcoholic beverages. Among those planning to buy alcohol, the top choice is beer (68% plan to purchase for 2023 vs. 62% in 2022), followed by wine (35% vs. 31%), ready-to-drink cocktails (27% vs. 23%) and spirits (27% vs. 23%).

Beer brands like Leinenkugel’s and Busch typically see the largest boosts in the week leading up to Independence Day. When looking at purchase data for the week leading up to Independence Day 2022, beer had a 20% sales increase vs. the week prior. Top brands that see increases include Leinenkugel’s (+72%), Busch (+45%), Blue Moon (+30%), Coors Light (+30%) and Michelob ULTRA (+29%).

Ninety-four percent of consumers plan to make a purchase specifically for the Fourth of July. Food items are at the top of shopping lists (83%), followed by alcoholic beverages (47%), non-alcoholic beverages (34%), decorations (22%) and party supplies (20%).

Three-quarters of consumers expect rising prices to impact their Fourth of July spending. Thirty-four percent say they expect a slight impact from inflation, 23% expect a moderate impact and 17% expect a significant impact.

Two-fifths of consumers expect inflation or a potential economic slowdown to impact their 2023 Independence Day plans, and three-quarters are looking for ways to save money. This Fourth of July, 52% of celebrators say they will buy items on sale, 31% will prepare budget-friendly foods, 27% will use more coupons, 20% will shop at dollar or discount stores, 16% will switch to store/private label brands, 11% will buy smaller items and 9% will travel less.