These Are Latest U.S. Omnichannel Purchase and Promotional Trends

C-stores capture more Midwest consumables trips, and Walmart dominates market share across the U.S.

April 05, 2022

Walmart Employee Stocking Shelves

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Walmart is a leader in omnichannel market share for consumable products in all regions of the U.S., according to Numerator’s Regional Retail Dashboard. Walmart captured its greatest consumables market share in the South, at 22.2% of the Southern shopper's consumables spend, with the Midwest coming in second at 20.9%, 15.1% in the West and 13.2% in the Northeast.

Amazon captures its greatest share of consumables spend in the Northeast, with 5.4% market share for the region. Target captures retailer share of consumable promotions in the Midwest (11.3%), South (13.6%) and West (13.1%), while regional retailer Ahold Delhaize (10.6%) promotes most frequently to Northeastern shoppers.

According to Numerator, convenience stores capture more consumables trips (10.8%) in the Midwest than any other region. Midwestern shoppers are the least likely to purchase organic products—22% would not buy organic, no matter the cost.

McDonald’s is the top performing QSR by percentage of regional trips in all regions except the Northeast. There, Dunkin Donuts captured 29.2% of trips while McDonald’s only captured 28.6%. After McDonald’s (15.2%), Chick-fil-A (6.6%) and Sonic (6.5%) best engage Southern shoppers for QSR trips. The most likely region to eat out more than six times a week is the West—4.9% of Western shoppers report dining out that frequently.

Western shoppers are most likely to enjoy online shopping, with 22.1% finding online shopping “very enjoyable.” This might be because shoppers skew younger in the West—33.5% are Gen X, 32.4% are millennials and 6.8% are Gen Z.

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