Are Your Digital Screens On? Here’s How to Check in Real Time.

What about correct content? There’s a solution to verify that, too.

May 12, 2022

Digital Ordering in a Convenience Store

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Digital screens, while an effective advertising method, can be time consuming and complicated to manage. Ensuring digital displays are always displaying the correct messaging can be a significant challenge to retailers, according to Rick Sales, CEO of Abierto, a digital and engagement solutions company.

Enter Abierto’s OPEN.CMS—a content management system that turns the meticulous process of content distribution into a quick and seamless task, and once the distribution is complete, OPEN.CMS doesn’t stop there. It allows the retailer to verify that content has been distributed correctly, displays are working correctly, and they’ve received and are playing the correct content. “Abierto’s OPEN.CMS displays content at the right place, at the right time, every time,” said Sales.

Abierto’s OPEN.CMS includes features to track device status and automatically schedule content playback, updating frequently to verify that the right content is playing. “OPEN.CMS dovetails innovative software with recent advances in hardware to once and for all address connectivity and playback issues that have presented significant challenges to retailers in the past. No more blank screens, only the right content,” said Sales.

Beyond the basic requirement of playing the right content, OPEN.CMS also comes with a host of features to improve the results of digital marketing campaigns. “Tools like localization, dayparting and custom grouping utilize Abierto’s metadata tagging system to further enhance a retailer’s ability to deliver targeted and relevant messaging to customers,” said Sales. Simultaneously, automatic scheduling in OPEN.CMS saves time, allowing marketing teams to focus on creating compelling messages, rather than worrying about how to distribute them.

Abierto’s OPEN.CMS also offers robust reporting, allowing retailers to pull customized reports on playback and exposure information. The reporting can be sorted into multiple categories so retailers can prepare summaries for vendors, advertisers and upper management.

“Retailers often have a variety of different hardware types across their network of stores. While OPEN.CMS works best with smart screens, it was developed to provide cohesive, consistent and accurate messaging at all our customers’ locations, regardless of the device used,” said Sales.

This is the second installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on using a content management system to verify digital screen status and content. Learn more about Abierto’s OPEN.CMS.