How to Increase Loyalty Through Customer Wallet Steering

Your customers want a personalized loyalty experience. Here’s how to deliver.

August 05, 2022

Increasing sales through loyalty

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Simply having a loyalty program isn’t enough. Retailers know that they need to deliver an exceptional, personalized customer experience to retain customers, build loyal behavior and profitably increase share of wallet. How can retailers “steer” more of their customers’ wallet share to their brand and drive loyalty and generate incremental business outcomes?

Enter Stuzo, which provides Wallet Steering technologies and solutions that help convenience and fuel retailers gain more share of wallet, profitably.

“Our mission is to leverage our Wallet Steering System and customer success capabilities to become the most customer-obsessed provider in the industry,” said Jake Kiser, chief customer officer at Stuzo.

Stuzo’s patent-pending, purpose-designed Wallet Steering system uses data from across loyalty, payments and the customer experience to precisely, profitably, predictably and programmatically steer a customer's share of wallet to a retailer over time, across all product categories that are relevant to each customer and important to the retailer.

“Customers that have utilized the Wallet Steering System have seen tremendous success when it comes to driving sustained incremental business outcomes with their loyalty, payments and customer experience programs,” said Kiser.

Kiser cited a retailer that recently used Stuzo and its Wallet Steering System to relaunch its loyalty program. Through its partnership with Stuzo, CEFCO, a fuel retailer with more than 200 locations, revamped its loyalty program so that it was easier and faster for customers to enroll, and the participation rate of the program increased dramatically. Within the first 60 days of launching with Stuzo, CEFCO had an 80% incremental lift in transitions per day, an impressive 243% incremental lift in the number of active members and a 115% lift in member enrollment rate.

Then, Stuzo worked with CEFCO to launch a series of mechanics and capabilities for its loyalty program, resulting in more success. After six months, CEFCO saw a 115% sustained incremental lift in transactions per day, a 461% sustained incremental lift in active members and a 228% sustained incremental lift in member enrollment.

“This is a great example of how Wallet Steering and easy, seamless enrollment across channels generates more enrolled members, higher engagement and greater incremental business outcomes at scale,” said Kiser.

To learn more about Stuzo’s Wallet Steering System, read the company’s white paper, “The Power of Wallet Steering.”

This is the final installment of a two-part NACS Daily series on using Stuzo’s Wallet Steering system to implement more personalized loyalty programs. Learn more about Stuzo’s Wallet Steering system.