Panera Gives Away Phone Charger Cup

Meanwhile, vitaminwater’s new campaign focuses on consumer wellness.

June 17, 2022

Panera Charger Cup Giveaway

ST. LOUIS—Panera is giving away a “Charged Up Cup,” a limited-time cup that doubles as a phone charger, in coordination with June 21—the longest day of the year and the beginning of the “Summer Slump,” when over 25% of workers feel a decline in productivity, according to Panera in a news release.

The 17-ounce cup features a removable base for a phone to rest on and charge with no outlet needed. Panera said the cup corresponds with its Charged Lemonade offerings it introduced this spring that have plant-based caffeine in them. Charged Lemonades are part of the brand’s newly launched Unlimited Sip Club, which allows members access to an unlimited amount of any self-serve beverage on its menu for $10.99 a month.

“We wanted to find the perfect way to give our customers an extra charge ahead of the longest day of the year,” said Drayton Martin, vice president of brand building, Panera Bread. “Our new Charged Lemonades have been a huge success for those looking for a clean caffeine alternative, and we are excited to offer customers a way to get the ultimate ‘charge’ both for their bodies and their phones.”

Entries for the Panera Charged Up Cup are now open, and anyone in the U.S. can enter, with winners in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and St. Louis receiving their cup via personal delivery on June 21.

Meanwhile, vitaminwater is launching its “nourish every you” campaign, which focuses on a holistic approach to wellness.

“There are multiple sides of ‘you’ that have needs—your body, your emotions, your complexities and more,” wrote the company in a release. “vitaminwater has a variety of flavors that can add a positive boost to each of your ‘yous.’”

Vitaminwater says the campaign was inspired by research that revealed its core consumers want to take care of themselves but are living with fluctuating needs, including physical, emotional, spiritual and more.

The campaign pairs its flavors with specific needs, and throughout the summer, vitaminwater and Lil Nas X will release six flavor-inspired videos featuring a never-before-heard song from the artist’s upcoming album. The first spot will feature the “focus” flavor dropping that day. Lil Nas X’s unreleased song, “give me one chance,” will serve as the soundtrack of the campaign.

“After having put together countless partnerships for Lil Nas X, we were thrilled to create one of the most on-brand collaborations to date with vitaminwater,” said Jennifer Frommer, senior vice president, brand partnerships and commercial sync, Columbia Records. “It was an incredible experience to watch Nas and his creative team lean into the messaging of the vitaminwater campaign all about self-expression, which is what Lil Nas X is all about. We also love the idea that these commercials will feature and debut a brand-new upcoming track, ‘Give Me One Chance.’ It’s great when our partners can help us get our music heard in a myriad of ways.”