Instacart Offers CPG Brands Free Digital Ad Experiences

Advertisers can customize layouts, create product collections and use rich imagery and text.

January 28, 2022


SAN FRANCISCO—Instacart is attempting to help brands create digital experiences for customers that could lead to more sales. The grocery delivery company announced it is launching brand pages and shoppable display ads for consumer packaged goods brands on its app, according to a news release. So far, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Kidfresh, Klondike, Milton’s Craft Bakers, Talenti and Tillamook have started utilizing the digital experiences.

The brand pages are free to create, and advertisers can customize layouts, create product collections and use rich imagery and text. Advertisers will have the ability to create unique URLs to send traffic from Instacart display ads, as well as brands’ off-platform marketing campaigns, directly to a shoppable digital storefront. Consumers can purchase items directly from brand pages, which show products in stock from their last-shopped retailer.

Instacart also unveiled a suite of display ads products to complement brand pages. The new display products are auction-based ads that appear throughout the app, and they enable brands to promote their content to consumers. The new products include banners that can be placed at different points on the app such as keyword search, storefronts, departments and aisles. Advertisers also can use customized ad targeting that is based on anonymized purchase behavior or specific keywords.

Instacart recently announced it is offering prepared meals from grocery stores through its Ready Meals Hub. The hub offers foods such as grab-and-go salads, sandwiches, soups, sushi and rotisserie chicken. The service is available at 4,100 stores in 35 states.

The company is also releasing its first credit card through a partnership with Chase, and it will allow users to earn accelerated points on purchases across the Instacart marketplace. The card is expected to launch in 2022 and will have other benefits, perks and savings.