Gen Z Wants the Latest Products

They compete to be the first to discover new things and respond well to video advertising.

January 10, 2022

Gen Z

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Generation Z is 20% more likely to try new products and compare them with the brands or products they were currently using, reports Adweek. The data come from Information Resources (IRI), which said that Gen Z aren’t called “Zoomers” for nothing—they’re faster to try new products and adopt them than other generations.

The IRI data was a part of a study compiled for Pinterest, and it found that Gen Z want to be one of the first to try out new products, and it’s one of Gen Z’s main objectives when making a purchase. They have purchased 80% more new products in the past 12 months than other generations, and they were 15% more likely to do so within one week of a product’s debut.

Brands that connect with Gen Z will see an average of 14 times greater revenue growth opportunity with Gen Z than other generations, according to IRI.

Pinterest said to keep in mind these three things when introducing new products and targeting Gen Z:

Video ads: Gen Zers are 16% more likely than other generations to say video ads appeal to them when shopping for new products.

Connection: This generation wants to buy from brands that understand their values and preferences. Pinterest says that brands should connect with them by embracing the channels they live on and highlighting their individual passions through personalization.

Leaving a Mark: Gen Z uses products to express themselves uniquely, so brands should use their ad copy and creative to explain how the product can help them leave their mark, says Pinterest.

Instagram released its 2022 Instagram Trend Report last month, which explores what trends are up next for the coming year, as defined by Generation Z.

“Next-gen audiences are consistently creating the future and defining trends on Instagram. Instagram is where teens, creators, tastemakers and niche creators are key to the creation of new trends. Almost 50% of young people view individuals like themselves or influencers with smaller, loyal audiences as key for creating trends,” writes Instagram in the report.

Brands are utilizing TikTok more than ever to make their advertisements seem like just another video.

The social media platform has been called the “digital equivalent of home shopping channels,” and it allows users to engage with ads instead of quickly scrolling past them. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has been viewed more than seven billion times.