Here’s How Gen Z Will Shape 2022 Trends

Online shopping is here to stay, but it’s happening via social media, not big box retailers.

December 17, 2021

Gen Z

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Instagram has released its 2022 Instagram Trend Report, which explores what trends are up next for the coming year, as defined by Generation Z.

“Next-gen audiences are consistently creating the future and defining trends on Instagram. Instagram is where teens, creators, tastemakers and niche creators are key to the creation of new trends. Almost 50% of young people view individuals like themselves or influences with smaller, loyal audiences as key for creating trends,” writes Instagram in the report.

Here are some highlights from the trend report.

Career and education: 90% of Gen Z believes that real-world experiences provide the best education and with the rise college costs, they are seriously considering alternative paths to a career. Gen Z doesn’t want their jobs to completely consume them, with 68% saying that “work is something I have to do” and “not the most important thing in my life.” What is clear is that Gen Z wants to be in a job that fulfills them, with 71% saying that they would rather have a meaningful job even it pays less.

Wellness: Mental health is important to this generation. Two in five Gen Zers are a part of a tight-knit community that build people’s connections through health. About one in three Gen Zers use mental wellness activities for better health, such as meditation and manifestation.

Food: Gen Z are continuing to experiment in the kitchen with more than one in four teens/young adults trying something new in the kitchen. One in five adults are interested in getting more into at home mixology.

Shopping: Online shopping here to stay, but move over big box online retailers, it’s time to shop on social media. More than half of Gen Z who are interested in new shopping experiences are keeping up with their shopping interests via Instagram. Twenty-seven percent of teens and young adults are expecting to shop through their social media feeds and special in-app features.