Here Are the 75 Fastest Growing Brands on Instacart

Innovative, better-for-you options dominated the list.

December 19, 2022

ALEXANDRIA, Va.—Instacart has listed the top 75 fastest-growing emerging brands of 2022 on its platform.

“With a presence across more than 75,000 retail partner stores in North America, we believe Instacart has one of the best platforms to help emerging brands grow,” writes Instacart. “Across the Instacart Marketplace, these emerging brands are creating and sharing exciting new products.

On this year’s list, Instacart notes there are lots of innovative options in the better-for-you category, including vegetarian meals from brands like Tattooed Chef and allergen-free snacks from MadeGood and Love Corn, to sparkling beverages that pack a little extra punch—like a collagen boost in SkinTe and prebiotics in Poppi.

Below are the top 10 of the top 75 emerging brands. To see the full list, click here.

  1. Slate Milk
  2. Tattooed Chef
  3. Liquid Death
  4. Snapdragon Foods
  5. MadeGood
  6. Genius Gourmet
  7. Truff
  8. Good Good
  9. Blue Sky Family Farms
  10. Poppi

Grubhub recently revealed its top 10 most ordered dishes in 2022. Burritos jumped from the No. 8 spot last year to the lead, and customers ordered burritos more than four million times on the app.

According to the NACS “Last Mile Fulfillment in Convenience Retail” report, 61% of retailers are satisfied with their third-party delivery partners. Concerns include high fees, little access to consumer data, difficulties delivering age-restricted products and service and operational issues.

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