A Focus on Speed, Proximity

SuperCor Stop&Go

To meet the needs of a changing marketplace, Repsol created a new concept that combines a convenience store with an everyday market. The result? SuperCor Stop & Go, a store that offers convenience products such as snacks, drinks and staple foodstuffs alongside healthy options such as fresh produce and prepared foodservice. “We wanted to meet the customer’s demand for speed, proximity and basic assortment of food in a friendly and clean environment,” the company said.

With partner El Corte Inglés, Repsol started with the design of the store, using black and white space to provide a backdrop for colorful products to stand out. With wood and LEED lighting, along with strategically placed shelving to allow for wide visibility throughout the store, the clean design and wide aisles invite customers to explore the offerings. “The balance in the use of colors between the store and the products work together to create a unique, harmonic experience,” the company said.

The design also incorporated the chain’s iconic elements, such as its distinctive red arch at the entrance and the shelf headers. The store itself focuses on two basic categories: coffee and bakery. Starbucks coffee provides a nice counterpart to the fresh baked goods, such as rustic bread and croissants. Indoor seating provides a place for customers to enjoy the coffee and food. The concept has fueling options, car wash and Amazon locker pickup.

With SuperCor Stop & Go, Repsol attempted to adapt a “disruptive design in a classic gas station environment. We introduced innovation in a very competitive market, where the customer is habituated to an environment and assortment of pure convenience,” the company said. The new concept provides a place for the consumer to buy basic food products, access a premium Starbucks coffee offer that can be consumed on the premises or take it to go.

The goal of the store is to introduce innovation in a very competitive market, packaging everything in a cost-effective modular solution that allows Respol to implant it in all size spaces in an economic and efficient way. Respol plans to replicate the concept at its more than 3,000 service stations. “We have designed a special environment to make customer purchases more comfortable and efficient,” the company said.