Delivering a Premium Experience

24Seven Connaught Place Regal

As India’s first convenience store chain with more than 100 stores, 24Seven constantly renovates its concepts to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse population. The chain innovates through technology as well as improvements in product quality and service.

At its Connaught Place Regal location in New Delhi, 24Seven started with an attractive, columned entrance designed to entice customers to enter. Inside, the store boasts an impulse purchase counter that immediately grabs customer attention.

The store offers innovative design to showcase its diverse assortment of products, including its Ammaji food concept, which “is all about the food that your mother or grandmother makes,” the company said. “To make this quirky and attractive to today’s generation, we use Old World items still in use in our homes or were part of our childhoods. The recipes from the dishes have been passed down from grandmothers to mothers.”

Shaadi Waali Coffee serves Indian espressos. The store highlights its cold beverage section with a large Chill 24 X 7 lighted sign. World-class fixtures include shopping baskets and door handles from Germany, a specially designed waffle machine and a bakery unit.

A daily needs section provides the essentials for customers to pick up quickly, while the gondola area offers an easy way to emphasize different products. An imported products section brings the world to customers, while a made-to-order counter gives shoppers the ability to customize subs and fresh-made cold-pressed juices.

Live cooking demonstrations provide another way to connect with customers. The store also offers additional services, such as paying bills or buying movie tickets. The point-of-sale counter has space for three cashiers and screen technology makes checking out quick and easy. A cigarette display behind the counter gives customers a visual view of the available tobacco products.

24Seven Connaught Place Regal also employs the latest technology to meet the needs of its customers. Digital screens bring real-time communications, while a new mobile application recently launched and currently has more than 150,000 users.