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24Seven Greater Kalish

As India’s first convenience store chain with more than 100 stores, 24Seven constantly renovates its concepts to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse population. The chain innovates through technology as well as improvements in product quality and service.

24Seven Greater Kalish in New Dehli gives customers a taste of the chain in a smaller footprint. Stacked gondolas use the compact space to the best advantage while the unique product assortment still focuses on imported products. Freshly cooked food blends innovation with nostalgia through its Bain marie line.

Packets of ice cubes meet the immediate consumption needs of the store’s customers. Well-stocked beverage coolers and grab-and-go cases line the walls.

Endcap screens keep customers up-to-date on specials. Dot matrix screens, both indoor and outdoor, provide another avenue to communicate with shoppers. The store also accepts payment via mobile wallets. “The brand constantly evolves with upgrades and innovation through technology, which plays a crucial role in the 24Seven ethos,” the company said.

The stores stock the best of global brands in wine, beer, liquor and chocolates. As for food offerings, 24Seven Greater Kalish has invested in a state-of-the-art central kitchen with the latest equipment to enrich the food experience and serve the best quality food at all times in its Ammaji food concept and Shaadi Waali Coffee.

“The distinct green and black façade, quirky owl logo, and friendly décor with wooden fixtures, impact lighting and international music playing in the background create a lively and upmarket ambience to offer a new degree of convenience,” the company said.