Cool With Community

24Seven Janakpuri

As India’s first convenience store chain with more than 100 stores, 24Seven constantly renovates its concepts to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse population. The chain innovates through technology as well as improvements in product quality and service.

At the 24Seven Janakpuri location in New Dehli, the outside provides passersby with information about specials and deals through window and door signage. The store has clearly defined areas, including deals, desserts and home care. An in-store bakery provides fresh treats made with dough imported from France. Another case gives customers the option of picking up takeaway breakfast items all day long.

An extensive food area provides lots of selections, from grab-and-go to made-to-order. A DIY noodle counter offers customers the ability to make individual servings right in the store. On-screen menus highlight the wide variety of fresh food available, including items from its Ammaji food concept and Shaadi Waali Coffee. Its private label products have a prominent place in the store, making it easy for customers to find them.

24Seven offers pre-order for pickup by Uber and taxis, as well as providing menus for hotel room ordering. In addition, the store decorates for various festivals and frequently changes its in-store marketing.

24Seven Janakpuri uses in-store analytics to improve the customer service experience and store operations. Technology tracks footfalls to analyze customer journeys, while heat maps fine tune the product assortment. Technology that studies shelf space helps the maximize product placement. The in-store infrastructure includes equipment that drives improvements in both revenue and cost. A 360-degree scanner installed from Datalogix gives customers a faster checkout experience. A refrigerated make-line with cold pans and POS screens keeps food fresh and safe.

“Cool, cutting edge, great vibe, the place to go—that’s what we want our stores to be known for,” the company said. “We’re becoming a buzz in the communities we exist in because of these innovations. Our goal is that the customer should feel good once he enters our store.”