Marrying Convenience With Innovation

Maxol Maynooth
Maynooth, Ireland

Modern convenience is more than value and speed—it’s also about giving customers a surprise and a pleasant experience. Maxol took that understanding and created a new, customer-centric approach to its new Maxol Maynooth, Ireland, store. With a century of retailing experience behind it, the company wanted to give customers a taste of the future.

“Project SHOP was established to transform the Maxol brand and bring it from the forecourt into the shop and deli to create a modern, innovative store experience that would appeal to existing and future customers,” the company said.

The store carries everyday grocery essentials and a full range of alcohol, plus an ATM, while the extensive forecourt has a car wash and plenty of parking. Overall, the store has a strong focus on simplicity and easy navigation. One good example is its “Golden Mile” aisle, which was designed to drive impulse sales.

With grab-and-go food as a key driver in modern convenience stores, Maxol streamlined the Maxol Maynooth location. The store showcases the new Maxol Deli, which serves a wide range of fresh food, including breakfast and made-to-order sandwiches, and a hot food bar. The new ROSA coffee brand offers customers bean-to-cup options, as well as an in-store barista for specialty drinks. Internal seating, along with free WiF and charging points, give customers a reason to stay.

Outside, customers can fill up at state-of-the-art pumps or get their car washed. The store has energy-saving heating, water and lighting systems too. For example, Maxol Maynooth has its own water well that harvests rainwater for use in its car washes. Multiple cans provide an environmentally friendly and an easy waste disposal solution for customers, with compostable and general waste bins inside the store, and general waste, compostable and recycling bins outside the store.

Technology played a key role in the site’s development, with pay-at-the-pump at a singular pump island to add speed and convenience to customers. The Click & Collect @ Maxol Deli allows customers to beat the line by ordering via the Flipdish app. Customers with Easytrip can pay for car washes via the tag.

The store also continued the Maxol tradition of superior customer service. Employees receive extensive training in the GUEST Customer Service model from the company’s award-winning training program. GUEST stands for Greet, Understand, Engage, Satisfy and Thank.

Already, customers have responded positively to the Maxol Maynooth location, with sales up in all key categories. “The new streamlined store layout seamlessly works harder so the customer doesn’t have to,” the company said. “The transformative brand experience has positively engaged existing and new customers.”