A Warm Welcome

24Seven Connaught Place L10

As India’s first convenience store chain with more than 100 stores, 24Seven constantly renovates its concepts to meet the ever-changing needs of a diverse population. The chain innovates through technology as well as improvements in product quality and service.

24Seven Connaught Place L10 in New Dehli offers a wide range of both native and imported products. Its Ammaji food concept and Shaadi Waali Coffee are popular with customers. The store layout utilizes different sections for desserts, cold drinks, fresh food and energy products. For food, a large “bites” category has an assortment of in-house fast-food offerings on the menu. Private label products extend across multiple categories.

Technology plays a large role in the store, with attractive screens and LED shelf strips giving customers information about specials. A liquor display groups beer and wine bottles in an attractive setting.

24Seven also focuses on its employees, hiring famous Bollywood designers Shantanu and Nikhil to design the uniforms “to instill pride in the team,” the company said. The store has both part-time and full-time employees, and starts new workers out on the buddy system, which pairs a current worker with a new hire. An “earn-while-you-learn” program provides employees with incentives during training.

24Seven based its employee training models on Japanese convenience stores. Human resources offers management training programs and monthly classes on profit-and-loss understanding, 24Seven phone application training and planogramming. Management follows an annual training calendar to ensure all workers receive the most up-to-date methods. This attention to staffing allows stores to be open 24/7, thus fulfilling the needs of its customers.

“At 24Seven, we believe in looking at the world in a unique way,” the company said. “Nothing is taken for granted, and change is the only constant we believe in. Simple, everyday experiences and examples have helped us become who we are today.”