A Refocus on Customers

Westfalen AG, Zum Glück

Westfalen AG’s Zum Glück aims to be a go-to destination petrol filling station with a customer-centric focus and more food options. The concept is designed to meet the needs of the mobile customer, rather than the car customer. The company realized that the old forecourt’s unremarkable design and lackluster food and beverage offer held little appeal to today’s mobile consumer.

The journey started with a sleek, modern building design that incorporates bricks and grey industry surfaces. The modular approach continues inside, with back-of-the-house kitchens and four “clip-in” foodservice options that give the store more flexibility. A fast lane for traditional forecourt categories gives customers a quick in-and-out option.

The destination categories tapped for revamp included foodservice and coffee. “With our foodservice, we wanted to convey freshness and a wider range of options with universal appeal to build meal occasions,” the company said.

The food court boasts a new brand with multiple options covering all dayparts. A staff of 60 keeps the kitchen open 24/7, and a generous seating area—77 seats inside and 40 outside—gives customers a reason to linger to enjoy the free WiFi and kids’ zone.

The Alvore Café German bakery serves Zum Glück-branded coffee and snacks, including barista coffee drinks, breakfast items, rolls, paninis and focaccia bread, among other baked goods. The Giovanni L. gelato station has premium ice cream made to order. The Kebabman has chicken and veal kebabs, wraps, salad bowls, loaded fries and sweet chocolate kebabs. Chopstix Noodle Bar serves fresh Pan Asian and fusion recipes. By expanding its foodservice options, Zum Glück increased its foodservice transaction spend.

With the new concept, Zum Glück didn’t neglect the most important component—the employees. The company developed an intensive training program that included management workshops, active selling workshops, job rotation and tablet technology for all recipes and training videos.

Technology played a starring role in the store as well, with a fresh orange juice machine, car wash street with lighting show, charging e-mobility for car and bike, electronic menu boards and an automatic postage/parcel collection point. The store also launched a loyalty app and mobile payment system.

Zum Glück has plans to roll out the concept to 50 new retail sites within the next five to six years. “The extensive offering of additional, contemporary services satisfies different needs at one stop,” the company said. By focusing on food, ease of access and facilities design, Zum Glück has fulfilled its promise to give customers the right offer in the right format with the right services.