Weigel’s Celebrated Over 25 Years of Its Family Christmas Event

The retailer sponsored 250 children during the event.

January 17, 2024

Tennessee-based Weigel’s brought back its Weigel’s Family Christmas event in 2023, marking a milestone of hosting the community event for over 25 years. The 2023 event was held in collaboration with the Salvation Army and The Boys and Girls Club of East Tennessee.

This year, 250 children, aged five to eight, were selected to receive $200 each for a Christmas shopping spree at Target.

Kurt Weigel, training and recruiting director at Weigel’s, shared his enthusiasm stating, “We are overjoyed to be celebrating 250 children, the most we’ve ever sponsored, and give them the joy of shopping and having a special day. This event has been a beacon of warmth and meaning since we started it over 25 years ago. Our volunteers, often entire families, come together to create magic for our community. We’re especially thrilled to witness the growth of this heartwarming tradition.”

For over a quarter-century, Weigel’s has orchestrated and funded this event, with the Salvation Army assisting in selecting deserving children from communities in East Tennessee. Since its inception in 1998, the Weigel Family Christmas has touched the lives of over 4,800 children.

Bill Weigel, chairman of Weigel’s, reflected on the event's evolution, saying, “Over twenty-five years ago, we started by bringing six kids shopping, and this year we’ve invited 250. The gracious support of our volunteers and vendor partners makes this day possible. This event encapsulates the essence of Christmas.”

Prior to the shopping extravaganza, volunteers treated the children to a breakfast at the Knoxville Expo Center. Some volunteers stayed back to prepare lunch for the kids as well, while others waited to assist the children with their shopping at Target.