NCR Voyix Delivers New Self-Checkout Product for Retailers

It’s the company’s first release since becoming an independent company.

January 17, 2024

NCR Voyix Corporation announced the launch of its newest self-checkout solution powered by the NCR Voyix Commerce Platform.

The NCR Voyix Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution allows stores to pivot quickly between assisted and self-checkout lanes or cash and cashless lane, NCR stated in its release, adding that “as a multi-signal consumer engagement touchpoint, the Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution uses multiple and future signals—including bar code scanning, computer vision, RFID and more—to reduce shopper journey friction and drive natural inclusivity.”

NCR Voyix says the solution is underpinned by three key design principles of speed, intelligence and innovation.

“The NCR Voyix team worked with more than 50 global grocery, convenience and specialty retailers to understand their checkout priorities and challenges, and their continuous feedback shaped the design of our Next Generation Self-Checkout Solution,” said Eric Schoch, executive vice president and president of retail at NCR Voyix.

This is the first solution that the company has launched after its separation of business into the digital commerce-based NCR Voyix and ATM-business-focused NCR Atleos.

NACS Daily reported in October that NCR Voyix is focused on digital commerce while NCR Atleos is focused on ATMs. When the plan to split the company was originally announced, Frank R. Martire, executive chairman, NCR board of directors, said “By creating two best-in-class independent companies, we should be able to accelerate the pace of transformation by enabling each to execute its own growth strategies and better capture the value-creation opportunities ahead.”